Here you can learn more about the Angle Adaptor!

This is the angle adapter. It fits under your peaked Visor which,

disturbing you to bring your GoPro under your visor with a normal GoPro Pad. It is Available for each helmet.

The angle adapter is produced with the 3D printer

And so it can be ensured that the

Angle adapter fits excellent under your

Visor. Simply so that everything fits.

The adapter protects you and your camera.


                    Made in Germany


- Each adapter is produced to order. So you only have to specify in the Checkout which helmet you have and it starts already.

The advantages of the Mount




By attaching to the visor, the camera is protected from branches that could hang down on the tracks.


If you record with the AngleMount, the Video is looking pretty real.


 When you watch the result, you think you are riding 


The force generated by side impacts could damage your helmet by puncturing pressure when you attach a normal bracket to the side of your helmet


The helmet design is retained.

The Result 

This is the result, if you use the angle adapter, no disturbing visor in the video. In the video section you can see the trail and a part of the bike. So perfect to get a professional video result.

It looks like the viewer is the rider himself. The best POV (Point of View) video you get with the angle adapter.